Harpsichords and other historical keyboard instruments in museums and collections


Anyone looking for historical keyboard instruments in museums and collections , thanks to some already existing lists of dedicated professionals are spoiled for choice.

To get the full picture alone is sufficient to look at the side of Tony Chinnery , who in tireless legwork more than a thousand instruments in

"Google Maps" has housed a total of four cards ( Central Europe , British Isles, Scandinavia and the USA)


Link to Page from Tony Chinnery:



The“ Deutsche Clavichord Societät e.V.“  offers on their site a very detailed list for this country clavichord global stocks , compiled by Mr Lothar Bemmann .




A list of french instruments , divided into three periods (Louis XIV ( 1643-1715 ) , Louis XV ( 1715-1774 ) and Louis XVI ( 1774-1793 ) , in which it is an abridged version , are in the following link. The complete list appeared in "Early Keyboard Journal" 19 (2001 ) 69-171 and page 20 (2002 ) 107-195 page .


French Harpsichord List by ds. R. Dean Anderson