Technik - Tuning - Zeichnungen etc.

The tiorbino:

an unrecognised instrument type built by harpsichord makers with possible evidence for a surviving instrument


Pythagoras and the Scale Design of Early Harpsichords in France, Germany, and Italy.

by Denzil Wraight.

The use of simple geometry and the local unit of measurement in the design of Italian stringed keyboard instruments:

an aid to attribution and to organological analysis

by Grant O'Brien

The Chromatic Harpsichord (Cembalo Cromatico)

By Christopher Stembridge


Music for the Cimbalo Cromatico and Other Split-Keyed Instruments in Seventeenth-Century Italy.

Artikel von Christopher Stembridge (pdf)

Froberger:  Meditation faite su ma mort future

Played by Johannes Keller. Harpsichord by Tony Chinnery (after Grimaldi), keyboard by Markus Krebs. Meantone temperament.

Translation of Werckmeister's 1698 Tuning and Tempering Instructions for Basso Continuo Players by Paul Poletti

Johann Sebastian Bach's tuning (organ, harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano temperament) by Bradley Lehman

On Voicing and Regulating Harpsichords       by Keith Hill
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