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Parchment roses are decorative elements that are put in the sound holes of harpsichords, mandolins and baroque guitars. Traditionally they are cut by hand with stamps from parchment (made from kidskin or goatskin) but these roses are laser cut with great precision from archive quality, mold-made papers and sized with pva (so they are vegetarian parchment roses).

They are sometimes lavishly gilded with several layers of genuine gold leaf. The designs can be adapted to suit your requirements. These designs are all based on photographs of old roses and I have worked the designs out in Adobe Illustrator.

Please email me ( with your details and specifications and when we have agreed I'll send you an invoice to pay either by direct transfer or by Paypal if you prefer. The rose will be sent out on receipt of payment.

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Handmade parchment roses for harpsichords and baroque guitars .

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