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"Boalch 3" extension


Please, help us "Boalch 3" to complement and expand on the Internet!


The third edition of Donald Boalch's

"Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord 1440-1840", edited by Charles Mould, appeared in 1995.

The book is out of print and unfortunately is not a reprint expected.

But in order to have access to the latest data on clavichord, members of the DCS, BCS and the Swedish clavichord Society have decided to start this project and "3 Boalch" to add the entries to clavichords in the Internet and expand.


Here you see the beginning of this effort: reports / Boalch3CUindex.html


You are invited to provide their own contributions.

Please based on the shape of the already published articles and on the printed "Boalch 3". First-as in the printed "Boalch" anonymous-unfortunately no data on Clavichords added. Please send your contribution to the Editor Judith Wardman of the British Clavichord Society:




Postal Address: Judith Wardman, 26A Church Lane, London N8 7BU, England.


Mrs. Wardman will then paste it into the database.



WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive


Sheet music scores

Sources of Keyboard Music to 1660, from Oxford Music Online (restricted - University of Melbourne only)


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La Casa Editrice SPES (Studio per Edizioni Scelte) è stata fondata a Firenze nel 1974 allo scopo di valorizzare le fonti storico-artistiche dal XV al XXI secolo, e in particolare:


Dal 1978 la Casa Editrice ha iniziato le pubblicazione dell’Archivum Musicum comprendente oggi le seguenti collane:

  • Monumenta musicae revocata
  • Vivaldiana
  • Strumentalismo italiano
  • L’arte della flûte traversière
  • Flauto traversiere
  • La cantata barocca
  • Musica drammatica
  • L’arte della chitarra
  • L’arte del fortepiano
  • Ottocento

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