The spinet


The spinet , the origin of the word is uncertain , called a small harpsichord with only one register and a keyboard .

Technically, it evolved from the claim to reduce the size of the harpsichord , by placing the keyboard on the side .

So the strings are parallel or cross to the keyboard .

The instrument is also called Virginal . Almost all workshops have produced Spinette .

Domenico Cesare Borsari del Buonpetri, 1643 Venedig, MK&G Hamburg, , Sammlung Beurmann, ©Foto: Angela Franke

The Italian-built instruments have a rectangular or multi-page form , and can sound with eight-, six-, four- or two feet .

They have a very loud percussive sound similar . The small size of the spinet has no direct impact on the volume , the sound is always very stable.

To get the stop evenly , the Querspinett was developed .

This Spinette were built by the French, Germans and especially the British in the 18th century . .