The fortepiano


Fortepiano is the generic term for stringed keyboard instruments whose strings could be covered by small hammers that are usually made ​​of wood and with felt or leather , are struck . Nowadays the term " Hammerklavier" for clear demarcation of the instrument of modern pianos used .

Fortepiano , Bartolomeo Cristofori , Florence , 1726 , collection Alessandro Kraus , Grassi Museum , Lepzig © Photo : Marion Wenzel , Janos Stekovics

Terminology and definition


The term fortepiano served so originally the determination to stringed keyboard instruments in which the strings were made to sound something like the harpsichord touched by quills or as the clavichord by tangents. Pianofortes come in various designs in appearance. Below the different types are described in detail. At this point, however, a better understanding for the Note: When wing-shaped instruments we speak generally of Hammer wings, for rectangular, tabular instruments of table pianos.


For the purposes of this terminology also the modern piano fortepiano and the modern wing is a fortepiano or pianoforte. To the extent that in the 1800 Kiel instruments and Clavichords went out of fashion, and the pianoforte to the standard keyboard instrument was, the name pianoforte shortened to the now common term "piano", a term that before - but in the notation "Clavier "- was used for the clavichord and generally for any type of keyboard instruments. The term so vacated "Hammerklavier" was, however, revived during the Renaissance historical keyboard instruments and is now generally used for historically early designs of the pianoforte, which differ in various characteristics of the modern piano or wing.

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The Springer were replaced by small wooden hammers . You strike the strings ( instead of plucking ) , but remove immediately from you , so that they can swing freely .

The special feature of the pianoforte is the ability to control the dynamics of the attack . The instrument developed especially at the end of the 18th century .

The instruments produced until 1820 recall harpsichords , VA because of the building materials , proportions and structure .

Compared with the modern piano is its sound softer and thinner , with a very sensitive touch .