A Klaviziterium or clavicytherium ( also Claviciterium , Klavizitherium or Klavicitherium ) is a stringed keyboard instrument in which the tone of the strings by scribing is done in analogy to the harpsichord by keels . When clavicytherium but the strings are perpendicular , ie vertically to the keys , similar to a small piano , which can be placed against a wall to save space

Clavicytherium (oben rechts) (Michael Praetorius, um 1620)
Clavicytherium (oben rechts) (Michael Praetorius, um 1620)

The clavicytherium was already early 16th century popular and can be considered a precursor of upright pianos ( uprights ) . The historic clavicytherium experienced a renaissance in the 1950s , as JC Neupert ( Bamberg ) made ​​a so designated Cembalino in Klein Piano Shape with retractable keyboard and vert

Anonymus, Clavicytherium (Chordophone-Zither-plucked-harpsichord), frühes 17.Jhdt., Italien, from The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments, 1889, © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

An Early Clavicytherium Reconstructed by Peter Bavington